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After having one of the best years of concert-going this year (which isn’t over yet, I still have Mammal this weekend and Karnivool in a few weeks), I thought that it would be a pretty tough ask for next year to top it. It may just be getting there though. Of course, I don’t have any overseas trips planned next year, but that’s ok because Faith No More are touring here! I’m looking forward to the last week of February, which will now be known as Faith No More week (unoriginal, I know). I’ll be seeing them 4 times! I know, kind of obsessive, but I did travel halfway around the world to see them this year, so it seemed stupid not to see them here.

FNM-fest aside, there’s also Them Crooked Vultures in January and The Pixies in March. And Janes Addiction, Eagles of Death Metal and Placebo at Soundwave (plus heaps of others – definitely avoiding Paramore though). So 2010 looks like it’s going to ROCK. If only I could have a Tool or Ash tour, it would be near-perfect (perfect would require a NIN concert, which clearly won’t happen).



I have had a long running argument with a friend regarding who the better rock vocalist is – Mike Patton or Chris Cornell. For years I went with Chris Cornell, because he has that awesome scream. I may have started to turn when he released Scream because, well, it’s not rock. However, I was seeing both Mike Patton and Chris Cornell perform within a day of each other at the Download festival, so I figured that would give me a reasonable chance of comparison.

Mike Patton won. I still love Chris Cornell and he did a good variety of songs – Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog and some solo stuff. His scream is just as brilliant as ever and Spoonman went off. But Mike Patton was better. The diversity in his vocal styles is amazing, from the kind of nasal style in “Falling to Pieces”, to screaming in “Jizzlobber” and crooning on “Just a Man”. If you heard all three songs without ever having heard of Mike Patton, you wouldn’t even know they were performed by the same person. I think the atmosphere while watching FNM may have helped a little too.

So, after 12 years I officially and publicly concede defeat.  James, you win.

Last night was the first Faith No More concert in 12 years. And it was fucking brilliant! Here’s the setlist:

Reunited (Peaches & Herb cover)
The Real Thing
From Out Of Nowhere
Land Of Sunshine
Chinese Arithmetic
Surprise! You’re Dead!
Last Cup Of Sorrow
Midlife Crisis
Cuckoo For Caca
The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
King For A Day
Be Aggressive
Mark Bowen

Encore 1:
Chariots Of Fire/Stripsearch
Just A Man

Encore 2:
I Started A Joke

Mike Patton’s voice is amazing and he can sing such a fantastic range of styles. Who else could go from Surprise! You’re Dead (complete with manic laughter) to Easy? They played my favourite, the Gentle Art of Making Enemies, which was my highlight of the evening, but of course the biggest crowd reaction went to Epic. For good reason too! I also never thought I’d hear a rock version of Chariots of Fire (which lead into Stripsearch). Surprisingly, I think if someone released that version of Chariots of Fire it would actually be something I would buy. It will be interesting to see what the setlist is at Download on Friday. Can’t Wait!!

The support band, Selfish Cunt, weren’t too bad but the lead singer was really camp and they did get a lot of booing. To be fair, I think pretty much any band who supported FNM were going to get booed just purely because they weren’t FNM.

Here’s a very low quality video of them playing Evidence at last night’s show:

I would have linked The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies, but the distortion was really bad, and you can hear the guy recording it singing more than anything else.

As some of you may know, Faith No More have reformed and will be touring Europe in June. In honour of this great reformation, I too will be going on a European tour. Well, to London and Vienna anyway. To the Download and Nova Rock Festivals to be exact. Sure, I haven’t actually booked tickets to either festival yet, but that will be done in the next few days and I’ll be going to a travel agent tomorrow to find out about flights. It appears that travel companies don’t like you booking stopovers online for some reason and I’m still kind of hoping there’s a way that I don’t have to go from Vienna – Sydney via London, since it’s kind of in the opposite direction (more so than some other options anyway).

So, why two festivals? Well, the Download festival was announced first and I have someone to go to that with. And the Nova Rock festival has possibly the most awesome lineup I have ever seen. Not only are Faith No More playing, but also Nine Inch Nails and Chris Cornell. Three of my favourite bands in the one festival! Way too good to pass up. Now I’m just hoping that Chris Cornell doesn’t play too much stuff from his new album.

*update 12 March: Nova Rock & Download festival tickets now booked. It’s all happening!

*update 13 March: Vienna hotel booked. The single rooms looked about the size of my bathroom. I figured I could afford the extra $10 for a double, so I have a spare bed if anyone wants to join me!

*update 16 March: Chris Cornell has just announced that he will be playing at the Download festival. Hooray! Now I get to see him twice (previous wish about not playing too much stuff from the new album still applies).

* 2nd update 16 March: Flights booked! I even get to fly on an A380. Yay! I promise this is the final update for this post.

Here’s some music to make you jealous (or not, depending on your taste in music):