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I saw 500 Days of Summer the other day. I thought it was cute, but kind of sad. I just wanted to give Tom a hug. Anyway, it turns out that Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a few other things with the director as well.

A music video, which is really cool:

And a bizarre Sid and Nancy thing:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Zooey and Joseph are awesome.


I went to see a Kiss cover band a few weeks ago. I know, lame, but my friend knows some of the guys in the band and wanted someone to go with, so I said ok. Anyway, the cover band were good, but their support act was amazing.

It was a Sydney band called Torch Le Monde, I guess you’d call them a metal band. They did some original stuff and some covers. Ever heard a metal version of ‘Big Love’ by Fleetwood Mac? No? Surprisingly, it actually works. Even my friend who generally hates heavy-ish music enjoyed them because they had good harmonies in some of their songs.

Here’s a video:

You can get their EP at Utopia Records if you’re interested.

I’ve been listening to the Hottest 100 of All Time on Triple J and, since I forgot to vote, I was thinking about what my top 10 songs of all time would be.

Now, I know that the songs I’m about to list are by no means the greatest songs ever written or particularly influential on music history, but its what I like so too bad. I’ve made sure I haven’t got more than one song by the same artist though. These are in no particular order, because I can’t decide on a favourite song at the moment:

All Night Thing – Temple of the Dog

I originally listened to Temple of the Dog because Eddie Vedder sang on Hunger Strike. I was a massive Pearl Jam fan when I was about 14-16years old. I ended up falling in love with Chris Cornell’s voice instead and he usurped Eddie Vedder. Especially after Pearl Jam released No Code. This song can be heard in the background in Wayne’s World when they’re in Rob Lowe’s flat, if you were interested.

Why Can’t I Fall in Love? – Ivan Neville

This features on the Pump Up the Volume soundtrack. That soundtrack introduced me to a lot of fantastic bands like Soundgarden, The Pixies and Sonic Youth, but this would have to be my favourite song on it. Kind of sad though.

Plush – Stone Temple Pilots

I actually thought this was Pearl Jam the first time I heard it. Scott Weiland looked kind of like him in that film clip too. The whole Core album was really good actually. This song still makes me grin whenever I hear it.

No One Knows – Queens of the Stone Age

I love the guitar riff in this song and the bass bit in the middle. I hate it when you listen to this on the radio and can’t hear that bit.

Even Flow – Pearl Jam

Yeah, there probably are better Pearl Jam songs. But I always wanted to learn the guitar riff in this one or get one of my friends to learn it. None of them ever did though. Hooray for Guitar Hero!

Don’t Go – Yazoo

Since I grew up in the 80’s, there had to be an 80’s song in here somewhere! This song was on the Raiders of the Pop Charts tape I had, so it brings back memories of dancing around the spare room with my sister. And it’s still a good song.

Something I Can Never Have – Nine Inch Nails

It was tough to pick a NIN song because I like so many of them. Realistically, I would probably struggle to limit my favourite NIN songs to 10. I decided on this one. It makes me a little sad though.

The Gentle Art of Making Enemies – Faith No More

Even though I hated the King for a Day album when I first heard it, I liked this song. And it goes off live. Or, rather, I go off when hearing it live. The people around me didn’t seem too fussed either way.

Outshined – Soundgarden

Tough call on choosing a Soundgarden song. I picked this one because the line about feeling Minnesota reminds me of my friend who lives there now. And a crappy movie starring Keanu Reeves and Cameron Diaz, but the less said about that movie the better.

Only one pick left. Damn. Suppose I should make it a good one.

Forty Six & 2 – Tool

I absolutely loved the Aenima album when it came out and this is my favourite song on it. It song just rocks!

That was tough. Depeche Mode, Ash and The Animals nearly got a mention, but were edged out for various reasons. Can’t half tell I was/am a huge grunge fan, huh?

I came back from my holiday yesterday. Here’s a few things I discovered while I was away:

  • One baby on a plane is bad, but when there’s five within two rows of you, it’s pretty near unbearable. Especially when one of them squeals.
  • It’s a pain in the arse to get around London when there’s a tube strike. And very expensive to catch a minicab from the airport.
  • Faith No More still rock live.
  • I don’t sleep very well when camping and I’m super-cranky when I don’t get any sleep. Saturday at Download was pretty much a write-off for me due to extreme crankiness. Bailed 3 songs into The Prodigy, even though they were really good (I was surprised by this because everyone I knew that had seen them live said they were rubbish).
  • Camping is made bearable by sleeping pills. Much happier on the Sunday even though it was ¬†80’s metal day. Hell, I even enjoyed Journey.
  • Jaffa Cakes are the best. I can buy a Greek version at the local supermarket, but they’re not as good.
  • The British Music Experience is awesome. You should visit it.
  • I really didn’t retain anything from the four years of German I did in high school. Pretty much all I could remember was ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘excuse me’, ‘thank you’, ‘do you speak English?’ and the numbers. It was sufficient to get around ok though.
  • You should always have wet weather gear at a festival, even if it says it’s going to be 31 and sunny. I got completely drenched at Nova Rock on the Friday.
  • Wellies are fantastic.
  • You don’t get your passport checked going from Vienna to Bratislava by train.
  • $2 plastic ponchos are a necessity if you are going to an outdoor concert in the rain.
  • Depeche Mode are brilliant live (so were FNM, NIN, Kaiser Chiefs and Chris Cornell, but I already knew that).
  • The random song that I used to get stuck in my head was Its No Good by Depeche Mode. I never knew what it was called or who sang it. Here it is for those of you who haven’t heard it:
  • The holiday was totally worth it. Seeing FNM three times, Chris Cornell twice and also seeing NIN, Kaiser Chiefs, Placebo and Depeche Mode within the space of 2 weeks was unbelievable.

I have had a long running argument with a friend regarding who the better rock vocalist is – Mike Patton or Chris Cornell. For years I went with Chris Cornell, because he has that awesome scream. I may have started to turn when he released Scream because, well, it’s not rock. However, I was seeing both Mike Patton and Chris Cornell perform within a day of each other at the Download festival, so I figured that would give me a reasonable chance of comparison.

Mike Patton won. I still love Chris Cornell and he did a good variety of songs – Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog and some solo stuff. His scream is just as brilliant as ever and Spoonman went off. But Mike Patton was better. The diversity in his vocal styles is amazing, from the kind of nasal style in “Falling to Pieces”, to screaming in “Jizzlobber” and crooning on “Just a Man”. If you heard all three songs without ever having heard of Mike Patton, you wouldn’t even know they were performed by the same person. I think the atmosphere while watching FNM may have helped a little too.

So, after 12 years I officially and publicly concede defeat.  James, you win.