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Category Archives: Stuff

So, I’ve been rather lazy about updating this blog this year. Sorry about that, been pretty busy. First, there was Faith No More week, which consisted of 2 Soundwave festivals and 2 Faith No More gigs. Best. Concerts. Ever. Seriously, they got better with every show. If you haven’t seen them live and you get the chance to, do it. After that, I saw the Pixies, who were good too, but nowhere near FNM good.

Apart from that, I’ve been doing a few new things – indoor rock climbing and trying to learn electronics. Why? No reason, just something to do. The rock climbing is fun, but I kind of suck at it because I’m short and not particularly coordinated. I end up covered in bruises every week. Still, at least it gets me off the couch once a week. Electronics is something I always wanted to learn, but never got around to. So, in the absence of any beginners courses, I bought a Short Circuits book from Jaycar, a soldering iron and a few basic kits. While they were kind of fun to put together, I didn’t feel like I knew anything more about, well, anything after making a few of those so I bought another book. This one is called Making Things Talk by Tom Igoe. The projects are a little more challenging. The first one is something called Monski Pong, where you get a toy monkey to play pong. I couldn’t find a stuffed monkey, so used a tiger and created Tiger Pong instead. Here’s a few pics of my poor wired-up tiger.

Unfortunately, one of his arm sensors is currently broken, so no pics of him playing pong, but I assure you it did work until a bit of metal snapped off. Next step – fix sensor, then try to make it wireless! Poor tiger will still have cables poking out everywhere, it just means he doen’t have to be hooked to the computer with a USB cable. Hopefully I can post some pics of functioning wireless Tiger Pong soon.