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Category Archives: Rants

I have a twitter account. I like twitter, but I have discovered a few followers whose sole aim is to sell you stuff. Generally, I can’t be bothered blocking them. I don’t have to read their crap since I’m not following them and chances are they’re not reading my boring¬†tweets anyway.

The majority of these people are trying to tell you how to make money from your blog by putting ads on it. Don’t know if they’ve noticed how dull my blog is and the fact that I only post something maybe once a week.¬†Most days it will only get one or two hits. I had a big day the other week when I had 24 hits and a comment from a random person, but that was clearly an anomoly because now I’m back to my usual 1-2. No idea where the hell all of those other people came from.

Apart from the fact that pretty much no one reads my blog (thanks to those who do!), why would I want to subject the people who are kind enough to read my babble to ads? I hate going onto sites that are full of ads and generally ignore whatever advertising is on it anyway. Besides that, I have a feeling that also stops you putting ad widgets on your site if you have a free account (yeah, I know, I’m a cheapskate. I don’t think my babble is interesting or popular enough to warrant its own domain just yet). Rant over.