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Monthly Archives: November 2009

I went to the Karnivool concert the other day. They were awesome, although the lead singer’s facial expressions reminded me a bit of Garth from Wayne’s World. I don’t think the glasses helped. Support acts were pretty good too. I think I may be getting just a tad bit too old for the mosh though. I was second row centre, which was fine for the support acts because the place was still pretty much empty, but then I got surrounded by a bunch of tall 18 year old guys. A guy slightly in front of me to one side must have been about 6’5″. For those who don’t know me, I’m a 5’2″ chick so this means that a) I can’t see and b) I probably wont be able to breathe either. To begin with, I managed to get a gap between two guys shoulders, so I could both see and breathe. Then some arsehole next to me decided that chicks shouldn’t be in the mosh (yes, he did vocalise that) and to start elbowing me in the head. Nice. I held my ground for as long as possible and hit him when he started trying to push me over sideways. Eventually, I decided that retaining brain cells was probably more important than proving short chicks are not pushovers and let him push in. Then his mate started elbowing me in the head instead. Fun. I am now covered in bruises, which you expect after a concert, but people at work were a bit concerned about the bruises on my left arm and now think I’m weird after I told them how I got them. Oh well. I think they all found me a little weird anyway.

Here’s footage of one of their songs from Wednesday:

I was trying to find one that showed the facial expressions, but it looks like they were all taken from further away. It appears that the sound was better from there though, the vocals were drowned out by the drums a bit down the front.