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I came back from my holiday yesterday. Here’s a few things I discovered while I was away:

  • One baby on a plane is bad, but when there’s five within two rows of you, it’s pretty near unbearable. Especially when one of them squeals.
  • It’s a pain in the arse to get around London when there’s a tube strike. And very expensive to catch a minicab from the airport.
  • Faith No More still rock live.
  • I don’t sleep very well when camping and I’m super-cranky when I don’t get any sleep. Saturday at Download was pretty much a write-off for me due to extreme crankiness. Bailed 3 songs into The Prodigy, even though they were really good (I was surprised by this because everyone I knew that had seen them live said they were rubbish).
  • Camping is made bearable by sleeping pills. Much happier on the Sunday even though it was  80’s metal day. Hell, I even enjoyed Journey.
  • Jaffa Cakes are the best. I can buy a Greek version at the local supermarket, but they’re not as good.
  • The British Music Experience is awesome. You should visit it.
  • I really didn’t retain anything from the four years of German I did in high school. Pretty much all I could remember was ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘excuse me’, ‘thank you’, ‘do you speak English?’ and the numbers. It was sufficient to get around ok though.
  • You should always have wet weather gear at a festival, even if it says it’s going to be 31 and sunny. I got completely drenched at Nova Rock on the Friday.
  • Wellies are fantastic.
  • You don’t get your passport checked going from Vienna to Bratislava by train.
  • $2 plastic ponchos are a necessity if you are going to an outdoor concert in the rain.
  • Depeche Mode are brilliant live (so were FNM, NIN, Kaiser Chiefs and Chris Cornell, but I already knew that).
  • The random song that I used to get stuck in my head was Its No Good by Depeche Mode. I never knew what it was called or who sang it. Here it is for those of you who haven’t heard it:
  • The holiday was totally worth it. Seeing FNM three times, Chris Cornell twice and also seeing NIN, Kaiser Chiefs, Placebo and Depeche Mode within the space of 2 weeks was unbelievable.

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