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Monthly Archives: March 2009

I was listening to my ipod the other day when Lightning Crashes came on. I remembered how much I liked Throwing Copper when it came out. Admittedly, Lightning Crashes was not one of my favourite songs on it. I preferred Selling the Drama and I Alone. But, at the time, I still thought that it was a really good song. Now I skip it whenever it comes on. That may have something to do with it being completely overplayed when it was first out, which I still haven’t fully recovered from. 

That got me thinking of other songs that I really used to like that I now skip over. Or entire albums. Like Black the Sun by Alex Lloyd. I loved that album when I first got it. Now I generally avoid it. I just find it kind of snooze-worthy. There are still one or two good songs on it though. 

Then there are albums which I hated the first few times I heard them, but now love. King for a Day… Fool for a Lifetme by Faith No More falls into that category. I actually tried to trade it with my sister when I first got it, but she told me to piss off. On the other hand, I did manage to trade my Matthew Sweet CD for The Real Thing, something which she later regretted. I think it was a fantastic trade though. It took me about 4 or 5 listens to start liking King for a Day. Yes, I did persist with it. Mainly because I liked the other FNM albums so much, I figured I must have been missing something. As it turns out, I was. There are still a few songs on the album I don’t like though. 

Now I’m wondering how many other albums I’ve missed out on enjoying simply because I didn’t give them a chance. That said, who really wants to submit themselves to hours of listening to music they really don’t like on the off-chance they might eventually ‘get it’? I think I have better things to do. Like finding new albums I do like. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know. I’ll even listen to them a few times before passing judgement. Who knows, they may very well end up being one of my favorite albums.

Had to chuck a song in. Considered Lightning Crashes, but figured I couldn’t subject myself to that, so FNM won.

Edit: New video courtesy of YouTube because the other one stopped working. Weird.

I have a new wallet. Do chicks have wallets? Or should I be calling it a purse?
I love my new wallet. Not in a weird I want to marry it kind of way, it just makes me happy whenever I use it. Is that odd? Anyway, it looks like a normal black wallet from the outside:

but the inside is pretty colours and it has a little elephant stamped in the leather. My boss told me not to open it near any lesbians, because they might get the wrong idea. I think it’s cute though:


If only all functional things were so cool.

Well, it appears that Mr Reznor was not above appearing on Dance Party USA when promoting Pretty Hate Machine. And doesn’t he just seem thrilled to be there. Whoever decided this was a good idea deserves to be shot.

I know some of you reading this have already seen this clip, but the dancing on this is hilarious. Check out the chick who keeps squatting – I’m still trying to figure out when that dance move was cool. I killed myself laughing the first few times I watched this. I have it bookmarked to cheer me up. Hopefully they don’t block the video. It’s already been taken off You Tube.

As some of you may know, Faith No More have reformed and will be touring Europe in June. In honour of this great reformation, I too will be going on a European tour. Well, to London and Vienna anyway. To the Download and Nova Rock Festivals to be exact. Sure, I haven’t actually booked tickets to either festival yet, but that will be done in the next few days and I’ll be going to a travel agent tomorrow to find out about flights. It appears that travel companies don’t like you booking stopovers online for some reason and I’m still kind of hoping there’s a way that I don’t have to go from Vienna – Sydney via London, since it’s kind of in the opposite direction (more so than some other options anyway).

So, why two festivals? Well, the Download festival was announced first and I have someone to go to that with. And the Nova Rock festival has possibly the most awesome lineup I have ever seen. Not only are Faith No More playing, but also Nine Inch Nails and Chris Cornell. Three of my favourite bands in the one festival! Way too good to pass up. Now I’m just hoping that Chris Cornell doesn’t play too much stuff from his new album.

*update 12 March: Nova Rock & Download festival tickets now booked. It’s all happening!

*update 13 March: Vienna hotel booked. The single rooms looked about the size of my bathroom. I figured I could afford the extra $10 for a double, so I have a spare bed if anyone wants to join me!

*update 16 March: Chris Cornell has just announced that he will be playing at the Download festival. Hooray! Now I get to see him twice (previous wish about not playing too much stuff from the new album still applies).

* 2nd update 16 March: Flights booked! I even get to fly on an A380. Yay! I promise this is the final update for this post.

Here’s some music to make you jealous (or not, depending on your taste in music):

It’s official. Triple J has now completely sold out. Why? Because this morning they played a song by Lisa Mitchell. The annoying ex-idol contestant who sings like she has a speech impediment and filled the “cute, young singer who is really average, but we see potential” quota for the season. The one that they know isn’t up to scratch and tell them “we know this isn’t in your genre, but good on you for trying” for the first few weeks and then completely cane them after that, gaining the sympathy vote because, after all, they’re only 16 and the judges shouldn’t be so mean.

Anyway, I now have a dilemma as to which radio station to listen to in the morning when I wake up, because the alternatives do not really seem any better. I will avoid listening to Kyle and Jackie O at all costs, so 2day FM is definitely out.

I can dock my ipod into my alarm clock and just listen to that, but then I’d miss the weather and would also then have completely no idea what was going on in the world of music. This could be a good thing, but since my musical tastes are pretty much stuck in the 90’s already, I think it’s best if I at least have some exposure to new music in the hope that there’s something else out there that I like. I’m usually not up early enough to catch the good stuff on Rage.

I was thinking of changing to Fbi, but looking at their playlist they also played Lisa Mitchell this morning. Damn. It appears that Lisa Mitchell is unavoidable. Looks like I’ll just have to completely revert to 90’s music. Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Faith No More it is.