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Welcome to my new blog! This all started when a friend asked me to review an album that they’d never heard to convince them to listen to it. Preferably in the rock or metal genre. This is what they got:

Boy bands. Yes, they’re lame, but they’re catchy. So, what is it about N’Sync that made me go completely against my normal musical tastes? I’ll start with the album that began my strange obsession – Celebrity.

Songs by boy bands usually fall into three categories – trying to get a girlfriend, about the girlfriend or how sad you are after breaking up with the girlfriend. Celebrity covers all of these, with a dose of positive life-affirming messages as well. The first song on the album, “Pop”, is more about justifying their lame choice of music than anything else. But, it is catchy and even contains JT beatboxing. How can you go past that?

The album goes a little downhill from there. The second song, “Celebrity”, contains the lyrics “if I couldn’t have cheese, like, everyday, would you still want to be with me?” What? I don’t know anyone who bases their choice of dates on their dairy consumption habits.

There is also the issue that the music for most of the songs sounds like it may have been done by Songsmith. I guess that’s what happens when the collaborator on the songs written by JT is better known for his choreography. Maybe that’s where Microsoft got the inspiration.

So far, you’re probably wondering why you would want to listen to an album that contains lyrics about cheese and bad music. But that is exactly the reason why. It’s so cheesy (excuse the pun) that it is actually good. Most of the songs have a happy beat and get you bopping along in no time. You don’t really need to think about analysing the lyrics, because there is no deeper meaning. And the guys from N’Sync can sing. They have good harmonies and JC singing “tell me what have I got to do, baby?” in “Selfish” sends a shiver down my spine every time. There is even a collaboration with Stevie Wonder playing the harmonica.

So, while N’Sync is never going to break any new musical ground, I recommend this album if you’re looking for something that you can just put on, forget about whatever’s going on around you and bop away. Unless you just broke up with your girlfriend. In which case, I suggest skipping over “Gone”.  Or possibly avoiding the whole boy band genre altogether.


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  1. Great, something else to take the blame for!

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