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Monthly Archives: February 2009

I am appalled. A new band has been formed. A “supergroup”, if you will. But who is in this band? Bun E Carlos from Cheap Trick, James Iha from Smashing Pumpkins and James Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne. Sounds ok, right? Until you learn the lead singer is no other than Taylor Hanson formerly of Hanson. I don’t know anyone who actually liked Hanson when they were first out, unless you include my sister thinking that Taylor Hanson was kind of cute. Yet I was the one who had Hanson posters put up on her walls by her family as a joke when I went back to visit them. Gave me nightmares for a week! The little drummer kid scared me.

I introduce to you, Tinted Windows:

The guy introducing it is really creepy and the whole thing seems like it could be some elaborate scam, but it would appear that this is for real. You can even follow them on twitter! I do have a confession though. I don’t think the song is that bad. It’s kind of catchy. I’m afraid this band may end up in my hall of shame with N'Sync. You’d think a week of Nine Inch Nails concerts would have cured me of such terrible music tastes. I guess not.

Ok, so this isn’t one of my reviews, but I thought people may be interested in reading a review of the Auckland NIN gig on Tuesday. Ignore the posts from the cranky bastards at the bottom complaining that Auckland got a second rate show compared to the LITS tour. Trent said several times before the tour that this would be a bit more stripped back, so it’s not him dissing NZ.

Personally, I thought the gig rocked, although the crowd was kind of tame. How people can stand through an entire NIN set and not even move their head slightly is beyond me. Lack of an encore sucked to, especially after having now seen what was on their setlist. Highlight of the night for me was definitely Something I Can Never Have. It may help that it’s my favourite NIN song though.

Letting you
March of the Pigs
Something I Can Never Have
Terrible lie
The line begins to blur
Head down
Gave up
La Mer
The fragile
Non entity
The Downward Spiral
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole

Meet Your Master
Dead Souls

Apparently they played Reptile & Dead Souls in sound check. So annoyed that we didn’t go to that now. Pity I have to go to work on Tuesday so can’t go to the one at the Hordern.

Here’s a bit of footage from the concert to make all of you want to go and buy tickets for their gig at the Hordern next week:

They had this article in the SMH yesterday about how romantic comedies are ruining people’s love lives, which is apparently called the “Notting Hill Effect”. Now, as a single person who does happen to watch a lot of romantic comedies, I thought I would read it to see exactly what they based their study on. Turns out that 100 people watched Serendipity (mmm…  John Cusack) and another 100 watched some unspecified David Lynch movie. Then the people were surveyed and found to be  more optimistic in their views about love if they watched Serendipity than the other movie. Doesn’t say exactly how much difference there was. I suppose I’ll need to read the original study to find out.

The story also goes on to state that there are four different types of romantic comedy plots: Opposites attract, pick me, class warfare and secret identity. I have a few issues with this. Firstly, they list Pride and Prejudice as an example of opposites attract. Don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that Pride and Prejudice is not a romantic comedy. Romantic, yes. Comedy, not so much. Not that there’s anything wrong with Pride and Prejudice. I love the BBC miniseries and have seen it in full too many times to count. My sister thinks this may be why I am still single. She thinks the time may have been better spent out talking to men instead of drooling over Colin Firth. I disagree. Any time spent drooling over Colin Firth is time well spent. Doesn’t mean I would want to go out with a guy like Mr Darcy though. Also, I thought it would have better fitted into the class warfare category. The other issue is that most romantic comedies overlap these plots. You’ve Got Mail, for example, has both opposites attract and secret identity.

Let’s think about some romantic comedies now. Sleepless in Seattle. Now, I really like that movie, but the plot is just terrible. Think about it. Meg Ryan is engaged to the perfectly nice, if slightly dull and very allergic Bill Pullman and ditches him after tracking down a guy she heard telling a story on the radio??  This had all of the makings of a stalker movie! And Tom Hanks doesn’t find this remotely odd and ends up with her? Umm, right. If people are basing their fantasies of what their love life should be like on this movie, they have serious problems. Fatal Attraction would probably be a more accurate description of what’s going to happen if you follow that path.

I think probably the most realistic romantic comedy would be When Harry Met Sally. At least in that one, the relationship develops over several years and has a few hiccups on the way. And I can completely understand someone not being attracted to Billy Crystal straight away. I mean, he’s funny, but he’s not the most physically attractive guy ever. I know that’s not the only thing that counts in a relationship, but in terms of immediate attraction, it certainly helps. Most guys I’ve dated haven’t been the best looking people ever (sorry to any ex’s who may be reading this!), but I got to know them over a period of time and became attracted to them because of their personality. So, for me When Harry Met Sally gets a big thumbs up.

Overall though, romantic comedies are not remotely realistic and shouldn’t be treated as such. If a guy declared his love for me within a week of meeting me, I’d run a mile. I think most chicks would do the same. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to watch a movie about it though.

A few weeks ago I remembered a fantastic album that my sister and I used to listen to called Raiders Of the Pop Charts. It came out in 1983 and was probably my favourite album when I was 4 or 5, although the Rocky Horror soundtrack would have been pretty close (yes, I know, that explains a lot). I tried looking to see if I could find this masterpiece of 80’s music anywhere, couldn’t, and decided to make it myself. A big thanks to The 80’s Tapes for the tracklisting:

raiders of the pop charts vol 1

Steve Miller Band – Abracadabra
Toto Coelo – Dracula’s Tango
Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger
Avion – I Need You
Toto – Rosanna
Loverboy – Working For The Weekend
Elton John – Blue Eyes
Sharon O’Neill –  Maybe
Men At Work – Who Can It Be Now?
Yazoo – Don’t Go
Cheap Trick – If You Want My Love
Allniters – Hold On
Bertie Higgins – Key Largo
Shakin’ Stevens – Oh Julie
Adam And The Ants – Goody Two Shoes
Boys Town Gang – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
Dr. Hook – Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk

Now, when I looked at the listing of songs, I was thinking “what the hell are half of these songs?” because I hadn’t really heard them anywhere else. Ever heard of Avion? No? Well, they’re an Aussie christian rock band! When you listen to the lyrics, it kind of makes sense (“I heard you calling me from far away.”) The song is catchy though. Keeps getting stuck in my head. Probably one of my favourites on the album, as much as it pains me to admit it.

This album may also have distorted my views of music a little bit. My introduction to “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” was a disco version. I thought that was how the song was supposed to go for years, probably until I heard it on the Freedom ad and Heath Ledger sang it in 10 Things I Hate About You (which is a great movie BTW). I didn’t even know Eye of the Tiger was from a Rocky movie until I got to high school because I’d only ever associated it with this album.

There’s also a few songs that remind me of other things, like Key Largo reminds me of Young Talent Time because it was performed on there by Dannii and Vince. Yeah, I used to watch that as a kid too. I never said I wasn’t lame. And of course, there’s some 80’s classics like Rosanna by Toto and my personal favourite, Don’t Go by Yazoo.

Anyway, the whole album is full of 80’s pop/rock awesomeness. I pretty much had it on repeat the day I finished putting it together. If only I could remember the dances my sister and I made up to go along to all of the songs…

If you want to try out some of your own 80’s dance moves:

Raiders of the Pop Charts Vol 1

Time for a review of something a little bit more rock. Tame Impala – Antares Mira Sun EP.

I’ve listened to this a few times now and have come to the conclusion that I really don’t care that much about it. I mean, it’s good and all, but I don’t find myself grinning like a crazy person at people on the train when it’s on. And crazy-person grinning is what I do when I’m really enjoying something. I think people actually move away from me thinking I’m about to take out an axe. At least I get a seat to myself, I suppose.

Anyway, back to the EP. This sounds like it has been taken directly from the late 60’s/early 70’s. It’s full of bluesy, dirty guitar riffs with lazy, drawn out vocals. It’s rock-y, but not heavy. I have no idea what they guy is singing most of the time, but don’t really care. I feel like I should be dropping acid and watching waves of music flow into my body. Recommend this for chilling out with mates and a few drinks. It’s safe to listen to on public transport as well!